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The Screaming Sky is a documentary that accounts the 1953 Beecher Tornado.


In 1953, an F5 tornado ripped though Flint Michigan. It killed  116  people, injured 844, and caused 19 million dollars (160m today). We have talked to people and their families, show rare video footage, and travel the entire path of the tornado. A memorial was erected to preserve the memories of those who were killed. In or around 2011 the memorial was taken. This film is dedicated to the victims and their families. The end goal is to bring awareness to this event and raise enough money to make a new memorial.


Director – Matt Woodbury
Here are some highlights of previous projects that Matt Woodbury, the director, writer, and editor has completed:

Writer – Jeffrey Swerdan

Jeff Swerdan was born in Traverse City, Michigan on November 30th, 1981 but grew up in Flint, MI, where he graduated from Beecher High School in 1999. While attending Beecher High School, Jeff also took acting classes at University of Michigan Flint and took acting and performing arts classes during the summers at Michigan Tech University.

After high school Jeff moved to Orlando, Florida where he started working at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Here Jeff began to really focus on writing, acting and entertaining. In 2006 Jeff shot his first short film and was hooked on filmmaking.

In 2007 Jeff returned to Michigan and began focusing on making more movies. From 2008 until 2011 Jeff shot nearly a dozen short films, two web-series and numerous commercials and music videos.

In 2012 Jeff produced and shot his first feature film Second Thoughts and in 2014 Jeff began filming on his second feature film: Becoming the Reaper.

About Pop. Of Zero

Pop. Of Zero is a production company that was started by filmmaker Matt Woodbury and Dennis Potvin. The 1st project, Haunted America became a huge cult hit and people from around the local film making community started to take notice. After 2 seasons Dennis and other member Mark Tilley moved away for other job opportunities, Matt continued to make movies, edit and star in different projects from other companies around Mid-Michigan.

Pop. Of Zero then focused on a meteorological legend, drawing inspiration from founder of Atomic Swan Films, Charles Shaver to help raise awareness to his local community, Matt tackled a documentary about the 1953 Beecher tornado entitled The Screaming Sky. The movie created a buzz throughout Michigan and was featured in all types of media including newspapers, radio and television and also received recognition from Film Con just from a trailer.

In just a few short years of existence, Pop. of Zero has made a name for themselves as a force of the indie filmmaking world